Sunday, April 12, 2009

Garnishing tip and techniques for food: The Traditional trick: Sprinkle coriander leaves and place onion rings

Old is gold. No matter how many new tips and tricks for garnishing we may come up with, we cannot beat the look of a dish decorated the classic style. In fact most of our new garnishing styles are based on old ones. For example, citrus has long been, and will always be, a strong foundation for garnish. Colorful, flavorful and versatile, lemons add that perfect combination of flavor, aroma and visual appeal. Traditionally, citrus has taken the form of twists, spirals, slices and wedges, and with the passage of time we continue to come up with some new ways to add panache to that citrus garnish. Some more evergreen garnishing styles include sprinkling coriander leaves and decorating the dish with onion rings. Garnishing with a herb such as coriander is a minimalistic but effective way to brighten a dish while enhancing its flavor and Shree and Madhu are fellow foodie bloggers who adhere to this style.

Traditional garnishing styles are known to have three basic three dimensions: visual, aromatic and flavor. Here are some tips on the traditional garnishing style:
  • Choose garnishes that complement food.
  • Cut garnishes into neat, evenly shaped piece or place them asymmetrically.
  • Use the garnish to draw attention to the dish not to be the center of attraction.
  • Use fresh, natural and simple garnishes.
Cheers to Post Six of Food Fanatic's Garnishing tip and techniques! Though this weekly series through we have been exploring and deploring the ideas for food decoration. The most interesting ideas are still lined up - yet to be posted. Keep reading!

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Pooja said...

Thanks for sharing...Helpful tips..

Unknown said...

Nice tips..Love this garnishing series :)

Saritha said...

Nice tips dear

Priyanka Agrawal said...

Thanks, Pooja, Madhu, and Varunavi!

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