Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chawal ki Poori (Indian Rice bread stuffed with Yellow Split pea)

Chawal (rice) ki poori (bread) is a legacy that comes from my late grandma. It's a unique dish that is unknown to many. And it's uncommonness is what makes it special. Chawal ki poori can be understood as a sandwich wherein the outer bread layers are made of a rice dough while the inside filling is ground Yellow Split pea. It's the best of both worlds - rice and lentil - two in one! Chawal ki poori has a longer shelf life than any of the usual Indian bread varieties which makes it ideal for food on-the-go. Have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or as a snack - this wholesome, rich delicacy will satiate your hunger to eternity. Bon appetite!
1. Blended Chane ki dahl (Split Yellow Pea)
2. Rice flour
3. Salt
4. Ginger, minced
5. Heeng

1. Cook rice flour in a pot with some water. When the water starts evaporating and the rice flour starts to thicken like a dough, remove from heat and cook.
2. Knead with hands to make the dough smoother.
3. Add the ground chane ki dahl with ginger, salt, and heeng. Make a dough of this.
4. Make small balls of the rice flour dough as well as the chana dahl dough.
5. Roll the balls with a rolling pin.
6. Between 2 layers of rice dough, put a later of the chana dahl dough to make a sandwich.
7. Then with a soft hand, roll the three layers on top of each other such that they stick together.
8. Cook on a pan until golden brown.

Serve hot alone, with Chutney, Raita or any vegetable such as with Bharva karela.


lubnakarim06 said...

Something new to me. Looks completely yum.

Unknown said...

New recipe for me too..This poori is different and looks delicious.

chef and her kitchen said...

New to me toooo...sounds interesting!!

A_and_N said...

Looks great, especially with the karelas :) Do you soak and then blend the chana daal or just blend them dry?

Pooja said...

sounds new to me...looking great..

Trupti said...

new to me. looks very delicious

Ashwini said...

New to me..Looks delicious and yumm.

Lavanya said...

sounds good..i have seen it..but i never tried it n taste it...looks yummy!!

Saritha said...

Hey this is new to me,looks delicious.......

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