Saturday, April 25, 2009

Garnishing tip: Rose stunner

Welcome back to Food Fanatic's week seven of Garnishing tips and techniques. I hope you all are enjoying the weather outside. My local readers must be delighted today to see the sun shining bright and steady. Summer (in North America) is especially fun because it means hanging out around the beach side, pool parties and barbecues, Starbucks smoothies near the serene shore, celebration of lights with firecrackers, long hikes in the company of good friends, freedom from blazers and jackets, flip flops in full throttle, manicures-pedicure and pampering galore, picnics, volleyball, gelato, and patio eat outs!

As summer stretches its arms in lush beauty with myriad colors and while the gardens burst with flowers of all types, it's time to perk up your cooked dishes too! Freshen up the mud brown spicy curry with a splash of color in the form of bright red roses made from tomato peel. Alternatively, consider using cucumber slices to create a flowery edible garnish that can prettify any dish. Use strawberries or radish to decorate desserts, juices, and snacks.
Cucumber Image courtesy: Google search
Padma Rekha from Plantian Leaf stunned me with her rose glory garnish. This edible bloom can adorn any dish and floor for weeks. And the best part is that making this rose flower is simple. All you need is a sharp knife and ripe tomato. Peel it starting from the base such that a strip of the skins gets peeled off in a circular fashion. Roll up this strip then form a rose like appearance. Add a few fresh leaves of mint on the sides to give it a real life like appearance. Thanks, Padma for this great tip! I love it!


Watch out for Food Fanatic's last post
on garnishing next week. Next week's post will feature one fellow food blog buddy's cake decoration technique. Stay tuned!
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Indian Khana said...

Nice post dear...cucumber flower looks refreshing :)

Saritha said...

Cucumber flower looks great:))

Priya Suresh said...

Cucumber flower looks gorgeous...Thats a lovely post!

Pooja said...

cucumber flower is looking lovely..

A_and_N said...

Lovely flower! I'd sprinkle some rose water on it so that it smells like one too ;)

Unknown said...

Cucumber flower is very very pretty..And it looks easy too..Thanks for the lovely post!

ARUNA said...

lovely flowers....very creative!

Meetee said...

Amazingly superb!! After reading your blog, I am really thinking of start learning cooking :)

KinjalYK said...

Nice post thanks for the technique.

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