Sunday, April 5, 2009

Summer Watermelon Splash

This is one of the best thirst quenching smoothie drinks you can get and a delightfully simple recipe. Both watermelon and mint are cooling, fresh ingredients. The scent of mint is invigorating and when combined with the natural unprocessed sugars in the watermelon, it will help give you an energy lift.

Madhu's post tempted my senses for watermelon. Yesterday, I bought my first watermelon of the season. And I made this:

Serves 1. No preparation required.

300 g Watermelon pieces, seeds removed.
1 tablespoon lemon juice
7-10 mint leaves

Blend in a mixer.Serve chilled with ice cubes.

Although it's not summer yet on this part of the globe, back home summer is in full throttle. And this is in fond memory of my friends in India. I miss all of you!

Trivia: When looking for watermelon ripeness, the underside of the melon which touched the ground should be a yellowish color. Slap the side of the watermelon; if ripe, it will resonate with a hollow thump.

Watermelon is 92% water. But it is a medicine for all ailments. It's a complete balanced diet and one can live on it for a week without any supplements! Honestly, this has been tried and tested.


Lavanya said...

here it is too hot today..real cooler for hotness here ..nice one!!

Pooja said...

looks refreshing...Nice post....

Saritha said...

Looks great,i was just thinking to make this today

Unknown said...

watermelon drink is my fav...Best summer drink!Love your presentation :)

Unknown said...

looks so cool nice color perfect for summer

Priyanka Agrawal said...

How far up did the mercury shoot there, Lavanya? Hope you guys get some relied with monsoon sooner than later :)

Thanks, Pooja.

Varunavi - telepathy? :)

Madhu, I simply love watermelon. Thank you for appreciating the presentation. So glad it was innovative enough. My mom helped me with it ;-)

Aww Rekha, so happy to see you back. Can't wait to feature you on my blog!

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