Friday, April 8, 2011

Decorating Baked Goodies and Presentation Tips

As an amateur cook, I do not quite dread cooking. However,  I shake to bake and more so when I have to decorate the baked good. There is so much I can learn in the baked goods decoration arena. And today is a step towards this.

Some of you may have noticed the Return of the Garnishing Event a few posts ago on my blog. I've received a couple of entries but there is this one blogger for whom I hold special fondness. The fondness not only comes from her talent and personality but it comes from her style, ability to think outside the box and fearlessly experiment. Her presentation techniques for baked goodies never cease to amaze me. With no further ado, please let me re-introduce you to 'in-the-moment' Nazarina of Giddy Gastronome. Via digestive biscuits, Naz offers a couple of suggestions on how something so healthy can also be made to look rich and appealing.
Note: The tips below is a paraphrased edition of Naz's style with slight additions from my end.

Here are some economical yet head turning presentation techniques from the horse's mouth:
1. Be whimsical or edgy with garnishes. For example,
consider garnishing with a chocolate writing.
2. Use edible garnishes that complete the dish. For example, use cheese to garnish crackers.
3. Stock up on dollar store bought cookie cutters.These can be used to get shapes of edibles such as cheese that will be used as as a garnish.
4. Use toppers or plastic toys to decorate cakes or cookies. These can be found at craft stores like Micheal's.
5. Use a complementary tablecloth of wrapping paper as a base for the edibles. This will bring  the colour of your baked goodie to the foreground.

For more tips and techniques on garnishing, see here.


Nandinis food said...

Great and informative tips...

Torviewtoronto said...

lovely post

Aruna Manikandan said...

nice informative post dear :)

chef and her kitchen said...

Lovely goodies n nice tips dear...
hey..regarding copyright I do it in picasa yaar,I just make the letter can even do proper watermarking if u hav photo shop..:)

Priya Suresh said...

Wonderful tips,thanks for sharing..

Raksha said...

Very nice and informative post

Nazarina A said...

Hi Priyanka,

Thanks for the invitation to be a part of your garnishing event. It was a pleasure doing this for you and you always do such a fantastic job, presenting the event!

Only acknowledged now due to being out of town! Thanks again!

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