Friday, April 15, 2011

Lauki/Dhoodhi/Ghiya Chana (Bottle Gourd with Lentils)

 Lauki-Chane ki sabzi is a classic dish that my mom would make for lunch as an accompaniment to Rice and Dal. I later discovered that this dish is typical of Gujarati cuisine, as well. 'Score', I said to myself. 'For once I see an overlap between the food I grew up eating and the Gujju cuisine that I have been learning. For once, I know a Gujju recipe without having to try'!

Bottle gourd with lentils is a nutritious and easy to make side dish. A bowl full of goodness.

Dhoodi Chana is a tangy curry with a slight nutty flavour  that comes from the lentils. This crunch nicely complements the mellowness and smooth texture of bottle gourd.

1. 1 medium bottle gourd, peeled and minced
2. 1 cup chana dal, soaked for 1/2 hour
3. Oil, 2-3 tsp
4. Tamarind pulp, 2-3 tsp
5. salt, to taste
6. 1 medium onion, chopped
7. 2 thai chili, minced (optional)
8.  Garam masala, 2 tsp (optional)
9. cumin seeds, 1 tsp

1. Heat oil in a pressure cooker and then add cumin seeds.
2. When it starts to sizzle, add onion and green chili.
3. Saute until translucent.
4. Add Chana dal and bottle gourd and salt.
5. Mix well.
6. Add 1/4 cup water and pressure cooker until 1 whistle blows.
7. Allow the pressure cooker's lid to open.
8. Add tamarind pulp and garam masala.
9. Boil on high heat with an open lid to let any excess water evaporate.

Garnish with kasuri methi (optional).

Serve warm with phulkas/roti/indian bread.


Torviewtoronto said...

this is a fabulous combination

Nandinis food said...

It's a fav side dish! Great for lunch!

Priya Suresh said...

Wonderful looking dish,would love with some rotis..

Anonymous said...

Nice recipe, my husband will not touch anything with dudhi with a ten feet pole.He will only eat, dudhi kofta and halwa.

Eat Hearty said...

Looks nice and healthy!!


Puja said...

A classic dish- I love it with hot steamed rice :)

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