Monday, May 9, 2011

Tinda Fry (Baby Pumpkins with Caramelized Onions)

Tinda is a vegetable that my mom discovered after we moved to Northern India. I've never seen it at grocery stores in North America or other parts of India. Also, I've never had a chance to cook it. The other day, my eyes spotted these fresh baby pumpkins sitting comfortably at my usual grocery stop. Variety, I thought to myself, would make dinner interesting. And off I went to pay for these lush green vegetables. Later that day I gave a call to mom for the recipe. This is what turned out.

1. 5-6 baby pumpkins/Indian round gourd/apple gourd, peeled, sliced, seeds removed.
2. 1 large onion, chopped or sliced
3. oil
4. Salt to taste
5. mustard seeds, 1 tsp
6. cumin seeds, 1 tsp
7. amchoor powder (dried mango powder), 2 tsp
8. red chili powder, .5 tsp
9. Heeng, a pinch
10. turmeric powder, 1 tsp

1. Heat a wok and add oil to it.
2. Add mustard seeds and let it crackle.
3. Add cumin seeds and let it sizzle then add heeng.
4. Add onions and turmeric powder.
5. Caramelize the onions.
6. Add Tinda and cover and cook till the veggie is all dente.
7. Add amchoor powder, salt, red chili powder and cook for another few mins.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for enlightening me, I always though tinda is same as tindli or kundru.

I am averse to anything pumpkin, but I think if it is anything close to tasting like gourds, I'll be game.

chef and her kitchen said...

even I got to know this only after shifting to Mumbai...tasted it but I never make it as hubby does not eat it...looks nice

Priya Suresh said...

Fantastic fry,quite new for me..

Nandinis food said...

This dish is very interesting and yummy! Super delicious!

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