Thursday, May 7, 2009

Savoury Cheela (Vegetarian Omelet)

Cheela or Vegetarian omelet is an Indian breakfast or snack made of chickpea flour. It's a low fat, healthy alternative, as well as a special treat for those who are allergic to cooked egg (such as myself!) I know to some of you this might sound disgusting but hang on you have to try. What will specially draw you to vegetarian omelet is that this savory chickpea pancake is nutritious and simple to make. Cheela works really well for those counting calories and on diet!
A pinch of fresh aromatic herb (Carom seeds) and some spice (red chili powder) when infused in the creamy batter of chickpea flour truly makes this dish a scrumptious delight. So don't slave the stove: quickly devour this healthy, low fat, vegetarian omelet.

1. Chickpea flour
2. Some olive oil
3. Salt to taste
4. Red chili powder
5. Ajwain (Carom seeds), a pinch

1. Make a batter of the above and blend using a wisk.
2. Cook on a non stick pan like a pancake.

Serve piping hot with Raita, chutney, or pickles.


chef and her kitchen said...

Ha ha..what a coincidence i had it last night....lovely cheela gal..

lubnakarim06 said...

Oh wow looks yummylicious....

Saritha said...

My mom used to make this when there was no veggies at home,i love this omelet.:)

Unknown said...

Looks very delicious..Love to have with the creamy raita

mahimaa said...

what an easy dish to prepare.. very nice.

EC said...

Simple comfort food..thanks for participating

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