Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mango Lassi (Mango Shake)

Mango Lassi, an Indian drink, is like North American mango milkshake. Mango Lassi is a huge favorite of North Indians. I bet you this lush yellow cooler will brighten your day and win your heart like no other.

1. 1.5 cup Sweetened Kesar(Saffron) Mango pulp
2. 1/2 cup water
3. 1.5 cup plain yogurt
4. 1 cup milk
1. 1 tablespoon sugar

1. Mix everything together and blend in a mixer for few minutes.
Serve chilled. (I didn't get to drink this chilled because of my cold. Sob sob).

Lovely and refreshing - Mango heaven galore!

BTW The yellow daffodil comes from the Tulip festival held last week in Seattle, US.


Trupti said...

Mango shake looks very delicious..i can take that glass any time of the day..

Thanks for sending Kada to the event

Happy Mother's Day !!

Varsha Vipins said...

One of ma fav drink..:)..Tulip looks lovely..:)

ARUNA said...

awesome.....i also made it sometime back!!!! Looks yumm!

Saritha said...

Lovely milk shake.

A bit busy as mom is here and kid is down with fever :(

Unknown said...

I absolutely love this drink.Nice shot!

luckysanjana said...

what a lovely photograph that yellow tulip so complements the mango lassi...........and anything with mango is a hit with me. i think you make a mean mango lassi........ive never added mild to it before but ill try your version

Neha said...

Nice Click... looks yummy

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