Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Home Style Burritoes

Life is all about making choices and for that matter - the right choices. You choose your area of academics, you choose your career, and most importantly you choose your friends. Choosing friends, however, is an art. Some people are real friends whereas some, over time, prove themselves to be a waste and unworthy of your compassion. They will never be congruent - no matter how long you have kept your hand of friendship extended towards them or how firm that hand and emotion may have been. So treasure the ones who are reciprocal and give you genuine joy. Invest where your love is returned with equality. Because love knows no race or religion. 
Rest all...not of value.

Speaking of choices, food too, is about choices. Some food can be better than others. While some recipes turn out to be a waste of your time and TLC. Invest time and money on the dishes that please your palate, provide you with what your body needs while still fitting your schedule. Everything else is immaterial.

A semi home-made Burrito is one such recipe or choice that fits a busy lifestyle, satiates the hunger, gives you the necessary nutrition yet scores in the taste department. It is perfect for a day when you are feeling tired or just plain busy.

1. Tortillas
2. Salsa
3. Cheese, shredded
4. Sour cream
5. Lettuce, shredded
6. Bell peppers, finely chopped
7. Onions, sliced
8. Oil
9.Chicken strips, cooked (store bought is convenient)

1. Heat a non-stick wok.
2. Add oil.
3. Throw in the onions and caramelize.
4. Add in salsa and bell peppers and cook until al dente (do not over cook)
5. In a plate, lay down a single tortilla and add chicken in the center.
6. Sprinkle cheese in the center of the tortilla and microwave for a minute or so. You can also use an oven.
7. Top with the cooked onion and bell pepper.
8. Sprinkle lettuce and a dollop of sour cream.

Roll up and devour!

This is inspired by the recipe mentioned at the back of my tortilla packet. But more importantly, this dish is inspired by my lovely sister (I first had something like this at her home).

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