Friday, April 20, 2012

Vegetable Dumplings/Dimsum (Momos)

Delhi Belle's Momo recipe, got me all nostalgic and missing my school and college days in New Delhi. I remembered those outings to Delhi Haat (a famous handicraft and ethnic food bazaar in New Delhi) with my sister(s) with the sole intent to relish our favorite Steamed Momos (Dimsum) from the Mizorum (a North eastern state) stall. Delhi Haat in those days to us meant Momo and Fruit Beer. Anyone and everyone who would visit us from another city would be abducted to this fun place and then pestered to try our favorite Momo. My subconscious tuned into the Haider Ali 'Purani Jeans' (a Indi pop song about an adult's reminiscence of his college days) song as I went 5-7 years back in time. Gone are those days, but the memories are still fresh and food is a great way to re-live the golden past. I remember how I was always curious about the delicious tomato condiment that came with the Momo. Today, I had the recipe right in front of me. Thanks, Delhi Belle.

I introduced Mr. Husband to this thing during our last trip to India. Since then, he has been asking me where this can be found in North America or if we could get it parceled from New Delhi to us ;-)
I'm sure Delhi Haat is one of the places to go to on his list now when we go to Delhi next!

Verdict: Next time I'll shred the vegetables. 

I miss Delhi! :(

Photo courtesy: Google search.

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delhibelle said...

Hey, thanks..i stumbled here, and was so happy to see my recipe helped you relive some good memories.

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