Saturday, March 3, 2012

Chinese Fried Rice

As my reader, you must be aware of my love for Asian food. Here's another recipe that is an ubiquitous Chinese dish that will never lose its charm. Eat this one by itself or with a side of Manchurian. Add cooked chicken or only vegetables. This dish can be prepared in many forms. All forms lead to the words - Yummy in my Tummy! :-)

No prep needed. Serves 4.

1. Eggs, 2, whisked
2. Oil
3.  Steamed white rice, 2 cups
4. Soya sauce, to taste. You can use oyster sauce as an alternative.
5. Red onion, 1/2, finely chopped
6. Spring onion, 4, chopped
7. Broccoli, 5-6 florets, chopped
8. Green pepper (capsicum), 1, finely chopped
9. 1/2 cup appx frozen veg (chopped carrot, corn kernels, green peas)
10. Vinegar, a couple of tablespoons
11. Red chili and garlic sauce about 1.5 tbsp

1. Cook rice with 2 tsp salt and oil. You can also use leftover cooled rice.
2. Set aside and let it cool.
3. Heat a wok.
4. Add oil then red onion.
5. Let it brown. This will take appx 8 mins.
6. Throw in the whisked eggs and mix quickly. This will make something like scrambled eggs in the wok.
7. Then add soya sauce.
8. Add broccoli and other vegetables (green pepper and frozen veg).
9. Cook for about 5 mins.
10. Add vinegar and chili-garlic sauce.
11. Throw in the spring onions and mix.
12. Add the rice and mix again.
13. Check the flavours and add more soya sauce and vinegar as per taste.

Serve warm by itself. This will be a wholesome hearty meal.

1. You can add fresh bean sprouts at the end for a nice crunch.
2. Apparently using sesame oil imparts more flavour to the rice (but I have not tried this myself)
3. Cooking the eggs, onion, and vegetables separately and assembling them together at the end with rice is supposedly a better method of cooking this recipe.

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