Monday, February 6, 2012

Kutu Ke Pakodi (Buckwheat Flour and Potato Fritters)

Kutu ki pakodi is deep fried fritters and a feast on the days of fasting :-).
It's made of Kutu ka aata or buckwheat flour. It is eaten with yogurt. I love this dish. Since I have been working out more than religiously for the past week, I decided to reward myself with a little bit of oil and salt ;-)
These fritters are eaten after being dipped in flavoured yogurt (Chaach). However some people like to eat it by itself or with some condiment or just ketchup.
This is my Mom's recipe. So far I had only had it in India made by her. It never occured to me that I should also learn the recipe. Then, I moved to North America. My mom sent me some Kutu ka Aata all the way from India as she knew I loved these fritters. So, I then had to call Mom to ask her all about this dish and learn up the recipe. Here it is:

Ingredients for the Fritters:
1. Kutu ka aata (Buckwheat flour)
2. Potatoes, minced
3. Salt
4. Red chili powder
5. Some water.

1. Mix everything together.
The consistency should be like that of a hard dough.

1. Deep fry in batches until they turn brown.

Ingredients for the Yogurt:
1. Yogurt.
2. Red chili powder
3. Salt
4. Water
5. Oil
6. Cumin seeds.

1. Whisk yogurt.
2. Add salt.
3. Add water.
4. Add red chili powder.
5. Heat oil and put some cumin seeds in it.
6. Let the cumin change colour, then temper this oil and cumin into the yogurt.

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