Monday, July 16, 2012

Lahsaniya Batakha - The Original

Remember this recipe? That was my imagination of Lahsaniya Batakha.

This one is my Mom-in-laws recipe - the original and authentic Gujarati version. I fell in love with it. I am sure you will too -  especially if you like garlic. It is easy to make and scores high on taste. When you are looking for something that can be done up in a jiffy yet will flirt with your tastebuds, go for this recipe!

Serves 6-8

1. 6 potatoes, peeled, diced
2. Garlic, 8012 pods or 1 full flower, shredded
3. 1 green chili, shredded
4. 2-3 Dried red chili, broken
5. 1 tsp mustard seeds
6. 1 tsp cumin seeds
7. 1/4 tsp heeng
8. Oil
9. Coriander powder, 2 tsp
10. Red chili powder, 1 heaping tsp
11. Salt to taste
12. Turmeric powder, 2 tsp
13. Onion, 1 minced (optional)
14. Fresh Cilantro, a handful, chopped

1. Heat a pressure cooker.
2. Add oil and mustard seeds and heeng.
3. When the seeds splutter, add cumin seeds and let it sizzle.
4. Throw in garlic and let it brown.
5. Add in onion and fry for a few minutes.
6. Add turmeric powder and potatoes.
7. Add coriander powder, red chili powder, salt.
8. Add some water and close the lid of the pressure cooker.
9. Allow 2-3 whistles to below.

Garnish with fresh cilantro and serve warm with Roti.

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