Sunday, February 21, 2010

Post V-day Tantra: Punching up your love life

Although V-day has passed, love is in the air. A splash of color and a stroke of romance is all that is needed to recreate the aura of Valentine's day. As Spring unfolds it's beauty, punch up your love life with a refreshing and colorful drink. Re-live Valentines day with a bit of color and a ton of joy. Fruit punch, to me, with it's pinkish-red tinge is a reminiscence of the blossomed red roses of Valentines'. The dazzling notes of fresh fruit in the drink is a reminder of the freshness of new-found love and the fizz of the soda is the buzz of being in a beautiful relationship. Fruit punch with its delicious flavor, like no other, will drift you away to cupid land. Try this drink on a romantic night sans alcohol and enjoy the contentment of being loved and having someone in your life to love, just as I did. :)

Alternatively, try this drink on a bright sunny day with a bunch of friends at a BBQ party and be showered with compliments for your drink making capabilities.

Credits: This recipe was introduced to me by a common friend.

No preparation required. Serves 15.

1. 1 L lemonade
2. 1 can fruitopia
3. 300ml ginger-ale
4. Fresh strawberries, chopped.

Mix everything together and voila! You have an amazing drink ready to gulp down!


ARUNA said...

That pic is very tempting. nice click!

Meetee said...

hmmm...! liked it :)

Priyanka Agrawal said...

Thanks, Aruna :) The rose was given to me by my hubby on Vday - and hence the theme :)

Priyanka Agrawal said...

Thanks, Meetee!

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