Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Food Fanatic gets trapped in Acura RDX 2016's major operational issues causing safety concerns

Food fanatic's dream was to go eat at restaurants, grocery shop and venture onto foodie trips, in style. This dream soon turned into worrisome and sleepless nights the moment I bought an Acura RDX 2016.

Since my purchase less than an year ago, I have experienced major questionable incidents regarding the reliability and quality of the RDX that was sold to me. I have had repeated incidents of the car jerking when in drive mode to the extent that it can be very evidently felt and makes me feel uncomfortable and unsafe driving the car. When we first reported the incident to Acura, they came back saying they couldn’t reproduce the issue and identify the cause and returned the car back to me without any resolution. Since we experienced more than one occurrence of the issue, we escalated the issue. Recently, we were informed that there are major transmission issues with this car. The transmission valve body and pressure switches need to be replaced. Despite such major issues and dangerous implications, the sensors in RDX did not communicate any issue on the dashboard and was misleading me to continue to drive the car but luckily I followed my gut.

This car has low kilometers on it, was serviced on time and has been driven with care. Yet issues have crept up and are visible less than one year of purchase. What does a certified used vehicle mean? How did this not come to the attention of Acura when they sold it to me? Why was I not provided the summary of the work done (car history, report) on this car before it was sold to me? Being the car experts, why could Acura not identify and fix the issue the first time it was reported?

I have attempted to resolve these issues with the local dealership as well as in writing with Honda Canada but I am being given a run around and no one is holistically taking accountability and ownership of the issue. I never expected a luxury brand to be so unreliable and customer service to be so appalling! 

I feel cheated and as if a phoney Acura was sold to me. I would have rather bought a low end Chevrolet car from an individual owner and would have been more satisfied, had more trust in the future of the car and better operations and experiences.

In our nuclear family alone we have owned 3 Honda branded cars within the last 10 years which reflects our loyalty but we are starting to question our decision. Our brand loyalty to Honda has slightly wavered through this whole experience. Since I never had major issues with my Honda Civic, I was hoping it would be the same with my Acura RDX. Unfortunately, this is not the case.
Since then I have noticed other Acura owners facing similar issues and other types of issues with this model. For example: one blog post articulates it very well over here.

Any Acura owners out there with similar experiences? Please, let me know in the comments! Happy Travels!

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Priyanka Agrawal said...

WOW so many issues with RDX 2016!! Check it out

I urge you to think thrice before purchasing an ACURA!!

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